Øyvind Storesund

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Øyvind Storesund
Birth nameØyvind Storesund
Also known asOyvind Storesund
Born (1974-03-09) 9 March 1974 (age 44)
OriginBø i Telemark, Telemark, Norway
GenresExperimental music
InstrumentsVocals, upright bass
Years active1994–present
Associated actsCloroform, Kaizers Orchestra, Pauline Oliveros, Paal Nilssen-Love, Kaada, Kaada/Patton,

Øyvind Storesund (born 9 March 1975 in Bø i Telemark, Norway) is a Norwegian Rock and jazz musician (upright bass) known from playing in the Norwegian bands Cloroform and Kaizers Orchestra.[1]


Storesund replaced the former bassist Jon Sjøen in the band Kaizers Orchestra, and is also a driving force on the free-jazz Avant-Garde scene, playing with Paal Nilssen-Love, Pauline Oliveros and Frode Gjerstad releasing the album This Is Not Sweden (2007), together with Peter Brötzmann.[2]


With The Silver Voices
  • 1997: Songs We Love So Dear (Lynor Records)
With Cloroform
  • 1998: Deconstruction (KAAARec)
  • 1999: Do The Crawl (Bergland Production)
  • 1999: All – Scars (KAAARec)
  • 2003: Hey You Let's Kiss (KAAARec)
  • 2005: Cracked Wide Open (KAAARec)
With Frode Gjerstad & the Circulasione Totale Orchestra
  • 1998: Borealis (Cadence Jazz Records)
With Wunderkammer
  • 1999: Wunderkammer (Plateselskapet Skarv)
  • 2002: Today I Cannot Hear Music (HoneyMilk Records)
With Frode Gjerstad Trio
  • 2001: The Blessing Light: For John Stevens (Cadence Jazz Records)
  • 2002: Last First (Falçata-Galia, Transparency)
  • 2003: St. Louis (FMR Records)
  • 2003: Sharp Knives Cut Deeper (Splasc(h) Records), with Peter Brötzmann
  • 2006: Mothers & Fathers & (Circulasione Totale)
  • 2006: Nothing Is Forever (Circulasione Totale)
With Kaada
  • 2001: Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time (EMI Records)
  • 2004: MECD (Warner Music, Norway)
  • 2004: Natural Born Star (KAAARec), Music From The Motion Picture
With Kaada/Patton
  • 2004: Romances (Ipecac Recordings)
  • 2007: Live (Ipecac Recordings)
With Kaizers Orchestra
With Boschamaz
  • 2007: This Is Not Sweden (Hecca Records)

Film music[edit]

With Kaada music from the Motion Picture
  • 2007: Natural Born Star (KAAARec)
  • 2008: O' Horten (KAAARec)[1]


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