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Cloud CMS
Developer(s)Gitana Software, Inc.
Initial releaseAugust 2010 (2010-08)
Stable release
Cloud CMS Public Cloud v3.2.3 / August 11, 2018 (2018-08-11)
Written inJava, JavaScript, Node.js
Operating systemCross-platform
LicenseCommercial License for the Cloud, Apache 2.0 open source drivers, libraries and developer tools

Cloud CMS is an enterprise content management system offered under both a SaaS and an On-Premises model using Docker containers. It was designed from the ground-up to leverage a fully elastic architecture built on top of Amazon AWS, Elastic Search, and MongoDB in order to provide a "Headless" CMS.


Michael Uzquiano founded Cloud CMS in 2010. The goal was to design and build a product that was data-oriented, elastic and low-cost. By utilizing Amazon's native and scalable services as well as emerging NoSQL databases like MongoDB, the Cloud CMS product emerged and found an early niche within digital agencies.

One major outgrowth of this was the productization of AlpacaJS, an HTML5 forms engine for web and mobile applications which uses a JSON Schema and simple Handlebars templates to generate great looking user interfaces in a presentation agnostic fashion. AlpacaJS is made freely available by Cloud CMS under an Apache 2 license and is currently used by

  • Fox
  • Pearson
  • Sony
  • Virgin Mobile


Enterprise content management for documents, web, mobile, images and application delivery.

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