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Clubsound were one of the more successful showband groups from Northern Ireland during the 1960s and 1970s. The original line-up of the band featured George Jones and drummer Tommy Thomas who wrote all the comedy material & Harry Hickland. They started as a backing band and played skiffle before evolving into a comedy cabaret, with a few locally successful singles, including Belfast, Belfast and Shankill Airways.

Line up[edit]

The original line up featured Tommy Thomas, writer of all Clubsound material George Jones, Barry Woods, Alan McCartney and Dave McKnight. The later line up featured Dave McKnight, Barry Woods, Alan McCartney and Jimmy Black & Harry Hickland.

Practice sessions would take place outside Jones' house and Van Morrison, then a part-time saxophone player, would often join these sessions. Indeed, a band called The Monarchs was formed prior to Clubsound that included Van Morrison. After the Monarchs disbanded, and Morrison went on to lead the band Them, the other members of the Monarchs formed the band Clubsound.


Though no longer a permanent band, Clubsound have had intermittent reunion tours, sometimes writing new material.

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