Coalbrookdale Coalfield

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Map of 19th-century coalfields in Great Britain

The Coalbrookdale Coalfield is a coalfield in Shropshire in the English Midlands. It extends from Linley in the south, northwards to the Boundary Fault which runs northeastwards from the vicinity of The Wrekin. Coal-bearing strata are to be found across three synclines; the Donnington, Madeley and Coalport synclines whilst the majority of the coalfield is subject to intense faulting. The Coalfield produced coal from both deep pits and opencasts over a long period starting in Roman times. Much of the field has however been exhausted and subsequently Telford new town was built on it.[1][2]

The following coal seams are recognised:[3]

Middle Coal Measures
  • Top
  • Double
  • Flint
Lower Coal Measures
  • Best, Randle and Clod
  • Lancashire Ladies


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Coordinates: 52°38′19″N 2°28′10″W / 52.6385°N 2.4695°W / 52.6385; -2.4695