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Cocotaxi is an auto rickshaw-type taxi vehicle in Cuba. The use of the coconut taxi from Cuba began in Havana at the end of the 1990s. It was initially thought of as another way of transporting tourists. The cocotaxis are mainly found in the cities of Havana, Varadero and Trinidad.[1]
They generally carry two or three passengers in bucket-style seats set just behind a driver. The frame sits on three wheels, with a fiberglass body and a two-stroke engine. The name for the vehicle comes from the word coco, which means coconut. The shell of the body is yellow and is typically, but not exclusively, round, giving it the appearance of a half-coconut. Though noisy, they usually cost less than regular taxis.[2]

Safety warnings[edit]

The UK government website states "In view of serious accidents that have involved tourists, you should not use mopeds or three-wheel Coco-Taxis for travel around Cuba",[3] whilst the Canada government states "Yellow, three-wheeled Coco taxis are unsafe. You should avoid them."[4]


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