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Coetzee (/kʊtˈs/ kuut-SEE;[1] Afrikaans: [kutˈsɪə]) is an Afrikaans surname, derived from the Hungarian Kocsi,[citation needed] meaning "from Kocs", which gave its name to the coach in numerous European languages. The surname also originates from the French Couche,[citation needed] which itself originates from the Breton Coet.[citation needed]

Notable people with the surname include:

Notes and references[edit]

  1. ^ Sangster, Catherine (1 October 2009). "How to Say: JM Coetzee and other Booker authors". BBC News. Retrieved 26 November 2012. The first syllable is pronounced kuut (uu as in book); debate rages about the pronunciation of the "ee" at the end. Many South Africans, whether Afrikaans speakers or not, pronounce this as a diphthong EE-uh, as in the word "idea". Indeed, kuut-SEE-uh was the [BBC Pronunciation Unit]'s original recommendation in the early 1980s, based on the advice of the South African Broadcasting Corporation and his London publisher, Secker and Warburg. However, that vowel can also be pronounced as a monophthong (kuut-SEE), especially by those from the south of the country, and this is the pronunciation that the author uses and prefers the BBC to use too.