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The consortium has been based in Maine since its inception in the 1940s.

The Colby-Bates-Bowdoin Consortium (abbreviated as the CBB Consortium) is an athletic conference of three private liberal arts colleges in the U.S. State of Maine contested by Bates, Bowdoin, and Colby College.

The conference encapsulates all sports played between the colleges, most notably in football and in rowing. Bates and Bowdoin share a historic relationship that includes one of the ten oldest NCAA Division III football rivalries.[1][2] In the 1940's after the University of Maine moved to Division I athletics, Colby joined the other two Maine colleges and formed the consortium. The three colleges also share academic resources, such as library texts, faculty resources and job recruiting facilities.[3]

It mostly revolves around the football programs of the colleges. Every year, they host a championship tournament where they compete against each other on a revolving table to find a winner. Bowdoin leads the championship with 16 composite wins, followed by tied Bates and Colby at 14 wins each. Bates currently holds in the winning streak having won the championship in 2014, 2015, and most recently in 2016 with a 24–7 win over Bowdoin, after their 21–19 home victory over Colby.[4][5]

The colleges also contest the Colby-Bates-Bowdoin Chase Regatta, an annual rowing regatta.[6] While the inaugural winner was Bowdoin, the series has been dominated by Bates and Colby; Colby has won the regatta five times and the President's Cup nine times. Bates currently holds the most titles (14 out of 20 wins), the winning streak (2006–present), and the most President's Cups (9 cups).[7]

The CBB competition often draws comparisons to the football games of the Big Three of the Ivy League, with Bowdoin often drawing the connection to Harvard, Bates to Princeton, and Colby to Yale.[8] Just as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton are initialized as HYP, so too are Colby, Bates, and Bowdoin as CBB.[9][10]


Colby playing Bates at their Homecoming Game in 2012

From its inception, Bates College served as an alternative to a more traditional and historically conservative Bowdoin College.[11][12] There is a long tradition of rivalry and competitiveness between the two colleges, revolving around socioeconomic class, academic quality, and collegiate athletics.[1][13][14] The two colleges have competed against each other athletically since the 1870s, and subsequently share one of the ten oldest NCAA Division III football rivalries, in the United States.[2][15]

The Bates-Bowdoin Game is the most attended football game every academic year at both colleges. As of 2013, both college's presidents are named Clayton (Spencer and Rose), leading students to include them in chants against each other.

Bowdoin developed a "football fight song" entitled, "Forward the White" in 1913.[16] All football games between the two occurred on Bowdoin's Whittier Field, but with the development of Bates' Garcelon Field, both fields have been used to hold football games.

Colby remained isolated from neighboring Bates, and the Colby-Bates-Bowdoin Consortium because of its location in Waterville, and socio-economic and political differences.[2] However, in the 1940s, Colby began competing with the two colleges and in the first game, had a three way tie. In 1988, Bates president Reynolds began the Chase Regatta in 1988, which features the President's Cup that is contested by Bates, Colby, and Bowdoin annually.[6]

The CBB Championship game is a college football competition between the three colleges. Each team plays the others once, with the CBB Championship awarded to the college that beats the other two. The CBB Championship was created for the 1965 college football season. Previously, Bates and Bowdoin have competed since 1870s against the University of Maine in the Maine State Series or Maine State Championship. When the University of Maine moved to a higher division in 1965, Colby joined and the rivalry took its current name.[15][17]

Chase Regatta[edit]

The Chase Regatta is an annual rowing race between the men's and women's heavyweight varsity and club rowing crews of the colleges.[6] The colleges have competed in the regatta since August 3, 1988 but have competed annually since August 3, 1997, when Bates President Thomas Hedley Reynolds instated the President's Cup to be contested by all three of the CBB schools. The President's Cup is given to the team that has won the most overall heats and races, while the overall winner is determined by who won the most varsity and heavyweight competitions in the regatta.[18]

Football championship results[edit]

Season Result Colby-Bates Score Bates-Bowdoin Score Bowdoin-Colby Score
1965 3-way tie Colby, 39–20 Bates, 10–0 Bowdoin, 28–21
1966 Bates Bates, 28–7 Bates, 35–13 Bowdoin, 15–6
1967 Bates Bates, 38–14 Bates, 38–24 Bowdoin, 7–0
1968 Bates Bates, 28–12 Bates, 41–14 Bowdoin, 17–0
1969 Bowdoin Colby, 14–13 Bowdoin, 13–10 Bowdoin, 38–14
1970 Bates Bates, 14–7 Bates, 21–3 Bowdoin, 31–17
1971 Bowdoin Colby, 17–8 Bowdoin, 42–15 Bowdoin, 30–27
1972 Colby Colby, 35–21 Bowdoin, 37–10 Colby, 28–22
1973 3-way tie Colby, 14–0 Bates, 20–12 Bowdoin, 28–20
1974 Bates Bates, 16–14 Bates, 18–7 Bowdoin, 27–6
1975 Bowdoin Colby, 21–12 Bowdoin, 19–6 Bowdoin, 41–13
1976 Bowdoin Bates, 38–16 Bowdoin, 20–14 Bowdoin, 37–19
1977 Bowdoin Bates, 25–14 Bowdoin, 21–17 Bowdoin, 15–14
1978 Bates Bates, 27–20 Bates, 24–14 Bowdoin, 27–10
1979 3-way tie Bates, 20–7 Bowdoin, 14–0 Colby, 21–20
1980 Bowdoin Bates, 14–13 Bowdoin, 13–0 Bowdoin, 8–0
1981 Bates Bates, 10–6 Bates, 23–13 Colby, 17–13
1982 Bowdoin Colby, 28–21 Bowdoin, 33–14 Bowdoin, 18–0
1983 Colby Colby, 20–13 Bates, 33–15 Colby, 15–14
1984 Bowdoin Bates, 31–21 Bowdoin, 28–23 Bowdoin, 20–14
1985 Bowdoin Bates, 51–0 Bowdoin, 24–21 Bowdoin, 24–0
1986 Bates Bates, 21–6 Bates, 36–0 Bowdoin, 21–14
1987 Bowdoin Bates, 46–28 Bowdoin, 20–19 Bowdoin, 14–10
1988 Colby Colby, 19–3 Bowdoin, 10–6 Colby, 24–0
1989 Colby Colby, 30–0 Bates, 10–0 Colby, 38–20
1990 Colby Colby, 9–3 Bates, 19–14 Colby, 23–20
1991 Colby Colby, 41–7 Bowdoin, 34–13 Colby, 28–13
1992 Colby Colby, 50–0 Bowdoin, 35–14 Colby, 26–18
1993 3-way tie Colby, 53–14 Bowdoin, 34–6 Tie, 21–21
1994 Colby Colby, 28–6 Bates, 33–14 Colby, 34–13
1995 3-way tie Colby, 26–6 Bates, 33–29 Bowdoin, 24–3
1996 Colby Colby, 28–21 Bowdoin, 35–16 Colby, 39–15
1997 Bowdoin Bates, 22–21 Bowdoin, 28–19 Bowdoin, 27–19
1998 Bowdoin Bates, 13–7 Bowdoin, 49–14 Bowdoin, 10–7
1999 Bates Bates, 20–17 (OT) Bates, 38–7 Colby, 20–0
2000 Colby Colby, 14–0 Bates, 44–13 Colby, 34–7
2001 Colby Colby, 42–0 Bates, 38–35 (OT) Colby, 41–13
2002 Bates Bates, 19–14 Bates, 48–28 Colby, 32–27
2003 Colby Colby, 27–14 Bates, 20–17 Colby, 7–6
2004 Colby Colby, 17–16 Bowdoin, 21–0 Colby, 23–0
2005 Colby Colby, 24–17 Bowdoin, 21–14 Colby, 28–3
2006 Bowdoin Colby, 10–7 (4OT) Bowdoin, 23–14 Bowdoin, 13–10
2007 Bowdoin Colby, 20–13 Bowdoin, 31–7 Bowdoin, 20–17
2008 Bowdoin Bates, 31–21 Bowdoin, 55–14 Bowdoin, 20–6
2009 3-way tie Colby, 34–27 Bates, 28–24 Bowdoin, 32–27
2010 Bowdoin Colby, 10–6 Bowdoin, 21–20 Bowdoin, 26–21
2011 3-way tie Colby, 37–13 Bates, 24–2 Bowdoin, 20–10
2012 Bates Bates, 31–6 Bates, 14–6 Colby, 17–0
2013 3-way tie Colby, 21–3 Bates, 17–10 Bowdoin, 32–22
2014 Bates Bates, 34–28 (OT) Bates, 10–7 Colby, 14–7
2015 Bates Bates, 10–9 Bates, 31–0 Bowdoin, 35–13
2016 Bates Bates, 21–19 Bates, 24–7 Colby, 32–16
Season Winner Colby – Bates score Bates – Bowdoin score Bowdoin – Colby score

Note: Bowdoin leads overall with 16 wins, followed by Bates and Colby with 14 wins. The highest scoring game was the 1987 Colby-Bates game with a total of 74 points. The lowest scoring game was the 1967 Bowdion-Colby game with a total of 7 points. The biggest shutout was Bates' 51–0 game against Colby in 1985. The longest consecutive streak of games won is Colby with 5 championships in a row (1988–1992). Bates has won 27 games against Bowdoin while Bowdoin has won 26 games against Bates. Colby has won 28 games against Bates while Bates has won 24 games against Colby. Bowdoin has won 31 games against Colby while Colby has won 20 games against Bowdoin. There have been 7 three-way-ties, 1 two-way tie, and 4 uses of overtime, (the 2006 Colby-Bates game required overtime to be issued four times for a winner to be determined).

Chase Regatta results[edit]

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