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Cold As Life
Origin Detroit, Michigan, United States
Genres Hardcore punk
Oi Punk
Years active 1988–2001
Labels CTYC Productions
+/- Records
Associated acts The Apathetic Degenerates
The Mattress Rats
Sworn Enemy
Agents of Man
The Suicide Machines
H8, Inc.
Past members Jeff Gunnells
Roy Bates
Jeff West
Rodney "Rawn Beauty" Barger (RIP)
Jay Wade
Jake Loch (RIP)
Craig Holloway
Jason Navarro
Jason Clifton
Anthony V
Johnny Hate (RIP)
The Big Dog
Mike Couls
Tim Mycek
Emery "E-War" Keathley (RIP)

Cold As Life was a hardcore punk band based out of Detroit, Michigan, existing from 1988 to 2001. Lyrical themes consisted of brutal depictions of the horrors of growing up and living in a city plagued with corruption, murder, drugs, depression and poverty, along with the tragedy of losing friends, family and band-mates to murder and drug abuse. Their shows were frequently violent, involving vicious fights that often included stabbings and beatings with various weapons. Stories of these shows would spread throughout the Midwest punk and hardcore communities, contributing to the band's notoriety. Cold As Life drew musical influence from such bands as Negative Approach, Sheer Terror, Discharge, 4 Skins, Cro-mags, Black Sabbath and Slayer.

In early 2007 a reunion tour was organized by former members but featured Enzo (of fellow Detroit band Dogz of War) on vocals instead of co-founder and longest standing member Jeff Gunnells.


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Compilation Albums[edit]

  • 2004: 1988-1993 (CTYC Productions)

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