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Cold Mailman is a Norwegian indie pop band, originally from Bodø, currently based in Oslo. The band was started by Ivar Bowitz (guitar and vocals), but now also consists of Martin Bowitz on bass, Stian Hansen on drums, Torbjørn Hafnor on guitar, Catharina Sletner (on synthesizers and vocals), and Martin Smådal Larsen on guitar. The band members have played in bands like The Spectacle, Beyond The Fences and Lukestar, and both Hafnor and Hansen are playing in the band Kollwitz.

The band has released three albums: How To Escape Cause And Effect in 2008, Relax; The Mountain Will Come To You in 2010, and Heavy Hearts, which was released by Beyond Records (Norway) in 2013.

Both of the band's music videos, "My Recurring Dream" and "Time Is Of The Essence", are directed by the Norwegian director André Chocron, and have achieved a lot of views and attention, both from music blogs and video awards. "Time Is Of The Essence" was nominated for Spellemannprisen (the Norwegian Grammy) in 2011, and "My Recurring Dream" was nominated for The UK Music Video Awards in 2013.[1]


Title Released Record label
How To Escape Cause And Effect  2008 Spoon Train Audio 
Relax; The Mountain Will Come To You  2010 Kråkesølv Recordings/Diger 
Heavy Hearts  2013 Beyond Records (Norway)
Everything Aflutter  2015 Spoon Train Audio 
Title Released Record label
Pull Yourself Together and Fall In Love With Me  2010 Kråkesølv Recordings/Diger 
Time Is of the Essence  2010 Kråkesølv Recordings/Diger 
My Recurring Dream  2013 Beyond Records (Norway)
Venetian Blinds (song)  2013 Beyond Records (Norway)
Future Ex  2013 Beyond Records (Norway)


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