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Debbie Thrower interviewing a collector on 'Collector's Lot'
The Collector's Lot book to accompany the series

Collectors' Lot was a TV programme produced from 1997 to 2001[1] by Twofour Broadcast[2] for the United Kingdom's Channel 4. Shown on weekday afternoons, the programme visited every corner of Britain to explore the weird and wonderful things that people choose to collect. The five series of the programme featured over 70 expert craftspeople and restorers at work.

During the height of its popularity the show had 2 million viewers a day, making it ' Britain's most successful daytime antiques and collectibles magazine series'.[3]

Presenters of Collectors' Lot included Sarah Greene, Sue Cook, Helen Atkinson-Wood and Debbie Thrower.


Collectors' Lot: A Nation of Collectors by Chrissie Kravchenko Publisher: Channel 4 Books (1999) ISBN 0-7522-1762-3

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