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Colleen M. Fitzpatrick (born April 25, 1955) is an American forensic genealogist.


Fitzpatrick was born April 25, 1955[1] in New Orleans, Louisiana. She received her BA in physics (1976) from Rice University, and her MA (1983) and PhD in nuclear physics (1983) from Duke University.[citation needed] She worked for 25 years on high resolution optical measurement techniques at Rockwell International and Spectron Development Laboratories, after which she founded the high technology optics company, Rice Systems.[citation needed] She is a Fellow of the Society of Photoinstrumentation Engineers (SPIE).[2]

She currently is a forensic genealogy consultant with the firms of Yeiser & Associates, Huntington Beach, California and with Identifinders, also of Huntington Beach, California.[citation needed]

Recent cases[edit]

Fitzpatrick was a member of the AFDIL team that identified the remains found in the wreckage of Northwest Flight 4422 that crashed in Alaska in 1948,[3] worked on the Amelia Earhart Project,[citation needed] and was a member of the team that identified the remains of the Unknown Child of the RMS Titanic.[citation needed]

She also worked with Sharon Sergeant on the exposure of two false Holocaust memoirs, the Misha Defonseca hoax, and the Herman Rosenblat, Angel at the Fence fraud.

She led the creation of the Fitzpatrick DNA study in 2000, in conjunction with the Fitzpatrick-Mac Giolla Phádraig Clan Society.[4][5]


Fitzpatrick was sent a cease and desist notification after she allegedly threatened legal action against volunteers trying to assist in the Benjaman Kyle amnesia case.



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Book chapters[edit]

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