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Colortrak 2000 was one of RCA's brand names for their high-end television models produced from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, the other being Dimensia. The RCA Colortrak, however, was not a high-end model. As opposed to ColorTrak, ColorTrak 2000 models incorporated a comb filter, which provided a sharper picture. The Colortrak 2000 chassis was identical to the Dimensia tabletop model. Colortrak 2000s with BNC connectors were given the designation of Lyceum TVs. This TV set was also used with RCA's Digital Command Component System released in 1985.[1]


The Colortrak 2000, unlike the Dimensia, only came in three chassis, which was simulated woodgrain, or real oak veneer or black with the speakers located on the sides. As stated earlier, this exact chassis was used for one variation of the Dimensia.


Colortrak 2000s had a wide array of high-end features such as a large input/output panel on the back, which included BNC connections, and advanced video features. The Colortrak 2000s from 1983 and later came with the Digital Command Center, a large and very advanced remote control. The same remote was also used for all the Dimensias, except it was called Dimensia Intelligent Audio Video.

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