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Fossil Homo sapiens from Combe Capelle

Combe-Capelle is a Paleolithic and Epipaleolithic site situated in the Couze valley in the Périgord region of southern France. Henri-Marc Ami carried out excavations in the area from the late 1920s until his death in 1931.

The famous Homo sapiens fossil from Combe Capelle was for a long time considered to be a Paleolithic Cro-Magnon man and one of the oldest findings of modern humans in Europe. However, in 2011, collagen from a tooth of the skull in Berlin was dated with accelerator mass spectrometry to an age of only 7575 BCE.[1] Consequently, it was clearly that of a man who lived during the Epipaleolithic (Holocene).

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Coordinates: 44°45′10″N 00°50′55″E / 44.75278°N 0.84861°E / 44.75278; 0.84861