Combs–Hehl Bridge

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Combs–Hehl Bridge
Coordinates 39°03′31″N 84°25′55″W / 39.05849°N 84.43207°W / 39.05849; -84.43207Coordinates: 39°03′31″N 84°25′55″W / 39.05849°N 84.43207°W / 39.05849; -84.43207
Carries 6 lanes of I‑275
Crosses Ohio River
Locale California, Ohio and Highland Heights, Kentucky
Design Twin Cantilever bridge
Total length 460 meters (1,510 feet)
Longest span 219 meters (719 feet)
Opened December 1979
Daily traffic 72,000

The Combs–Hehl Bridge is a twin span single pier cantilever bridge carrying Interstate 275 (I-275) across the Ohio River. It connects the Eastern portion of Cincinnati, Ohio (near the Coney Island amusement park) and Campbell County, Kentucky. Due to the geography, the Western end of the bridge is in Kentucky; the Eastern end in Ohio.

The main span is 219 meters (719 feet) and the total length of each bridge is 460 meters (1,510 feet). The bridge is named for former governor of Kentucky Bert T. Combs and former Campbell County Judge Executive Lambert Hehl but is commonly referred to by locals as the Coney Bridge since Coney Island amusement park is located at the Eastern end of the bridge, just after the bridge crosses into Ohio.

View of Bridge facing East towards Ohio.

Normal traffic makes it faster for commuters from Cincinnati's eastern suburbs to travel from Ohio to Kentucky on the Combs-Hehl bridge, travel less than 2 miles on I-275, then take I-471 North into downtown.[1]

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