Commandement des Forces Terrestres

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Commandement des Forces Terrestres
Active30 June 1998
BranchFrench Army
TypeHigh command
Size467 men
Part ofEMAT

The Commandement des Forces Terrestres (CFT) is the new appellation (since July 1, 2008) of the Commandement de la Force d'action Terrestre (“Command of the land combat forces”, French acronym CFAT). It is the High command of the land forces of the French Army.

The CFT is under the orders of the État-major de l'armée de terre (EMAT). In 2016, it controls 2 "interarmes" (combined) divisions and 7 brigades. It has also direct control over a Corps-size HQ, the Rapid Reaction Corps - France.

The CFT (then CFAT) was founded on the 30th of June 1998 from the disbanding III Corps and is garrisoned in Lille, at Kleber barracks. It employs 467 people:

  • 9 generals
  • 193 officers
  • 164 non-commissioned officers
  • 59 soldiers
  • 42 civilians
  • 187 reserve personnel

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