Commodore Isaac Hull Memorial Bridge

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Commodore Hull Bridge
Coordinates 41°18′53″N 73°05′12″W / 41.31472°N 73.08667°W / 41.31472; -73.08667
Carries 6 lanes of Route 8
Crosses Housatonic River
Locale Derby and Shelton, Connecticut
Official name Commodore Isaac Hull Memorial Bridge
Maintained by Connecticut Department of Transportation[1]
Design steel truss bridge
Total length 481 m
Width 26.8 m
Clearance below 10.4 m
Opened 1951
Daily traffic 53,600

The Commodore Isaac Hull Bridge carries Connecticut Route 8 over the Housatonic River, between Shelton and Derby, in Connecticut. The bridge was constructed in 1951 for Route 8.[2][3] This deck-truss bridge, originally built in 1951, was widened during the 1980s to accommodate increased traffic with the completion of the Route 8 Expressway. This work was completed in 1990.

The deck-truss design is similar to that of the I-35W bridge in Minnesota that collapsed. Because of this, ConnDOT conducted an inspection on the Commodore Hull Bridge, and similar bridges throughout the state following the collapse. The bridge has recently been rated as "structurally deficient" and ConnDOT has plans to overhaul the bridge's superstructure within the next few years.[when?][discuss]

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