Commodore Park, Nova Scotia

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Commodore Park
Commodore Park, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Commodore Park, Nova Scotia
Location within Nova Scotia
Coordinates: 44°40′54″N 63°31′17″W / 44.68167°N 63.52139°W / 44.68167; -63.52139Coordinates: 44°40′54″N 63°31′17″W / 44.68167°N 63.52139°W / 44.68167; -63.52139
Country Canada
Province Nova Scotia
MunicipalityHalifax Regional Municipality
Community councilHarbour East - Marine Drive Community Council
Telephone Exchanges902

Commodore Park is a mostly residential neighbourhood in the Dartmouth community of Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia. It is located in the east end of Dartmouth in the Woodlawn area. Prince Andrew High School is located within this area.

It is named for Canadian naval ships that were lost during the Second World War. Street names in Commodore Park named after ships lost include:

  • Athabaskan Lane for HMCS Athabaskan sunk on April 29, 1944 with a loss of 110,
  • Guysborough Avenue for HMCS Guysborough sunk on March 17, 1945 with a loss of 51,
  • Louisburg Lane for HMCS Louisburg sunk on February 6, 1943 with a loss of 38,
  • Margaree Parkway for HMCS Margaree sunk on October 22, 1944 with a loss of 142,
  • Skeena Street for HMCS Skeena sunk on October 24, 1944 with a loss of 15,
  • Shawinigan Road for HMCS Shawinigan on November 25, 1944 with a loss of 91,
  • Spikenard Street for HMCS Spikenard on February 11, 1942 with a loss of 77, and
  • Weyburn Road for HMCS Weyburn on February 22, 1943 with a loss of 5.

There are many websites describing the ships. One of the more detailed ones is