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A typical CUSS kiosk installed in Kuala Lumpur International Airport provided by SITA

Common-use self-service or CUSS is a shared kiosk offering airport check-in to passengers without the need for ground staff. The CUSS can be used by several participating airlines in a single terminal.[1]

The first major installation of CUSS for multiple airlines was launched in 2003 in a cooperative project between LAS McCarran Airport, ARINC and twelve participating airlines.[citation needed] By the end of 2008, CUSS had been implemented at more than 100 airports globally.[1]



Passengers can enjoy easier and faster passage through the airport, due to less queues. Furthermore, CUSS kiosks can be located throughout the airport,[1] ranging from car parks to transit areas, thus cutting down airport crowds.[2]

Airline and airports[edit]

Economically, CUSS reduces the labour cost of ground staff required by manual check-in. With the introduction of CUSS, the check-in area at the airport can be reduced to enable more retail outlets, or entertainment facilities.[citation needed] Based on IATA studies, a 40% market penetration of self-service check-in will save $US1 billion per year.[citation needed]


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