Communications Hill, San Jose

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Coordinates: 37°17′10.7326″N 121°51′30.3574″W / 37.286314611°N 121.858432611°W / 37.286314611; -121.858432611

Communications Hill
View from Communications Hill (cropped).jpg
Viera Park in Communications Hill (cropped).jpg
Communications Hill 5 (cropped).jpg
Coordinates: 37°17′20″N 121°51′18″W / 37.2890°N 121.8551°W / 37.2890; -121.8551
CountryUnited States
CountySanta Clara
CitySan Jose
438.87 ft (133.77[1] m)
 • Total11,267

Communications Hill is a hill and neighborhood of San Jose, California, in Silicon Valley.


The Communication Hill Stairs.

The Tamien people mined the area for chert, which was typically used for debitage and arrow points.

Tyler Beach purchased the area in the late 1860s and named it Beach Hill Farm, which was used to supply the former St. James Hotel. The Vieira family and their ancestors bought the land in 1896.

Starting in 1984, the Government of San Jose began preparing Communications Hill, then largely barren, for development into a mixed-use, high density, urban neighborhood. This was formalized with the creation of the Communications Hill Specific Plan in 1992.[3]

Annexation of parcels to the city of San Jose has occurred as recently as December 9, 2014.[4]

The area is currently undergoing significant construction, which has been divided into four phases.[5]

A "village center" is planned, which will include shops and restaurants positioned to have a view of the Downtown San Jose skyline.[6]


The Communications Hill neighborhood is located east of California State Route 87, west of Monterey Road, north of Capitol Expressway and south of Curtner Avenue.[7][8][9]

Parks and trails[edit]

Vieira Park.

The neighborhood has multiple scenic overlooks of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Diablo Range, and the surrounding Santa Clara Valley.[10]

Communications Hill is home to the following parks and trails:[11]

  • Communications Hill Trail
  • Elaine Richardson Park
  • Grand Staircase
  • Hillcrest Open Space[12][13]
  • Hillsdale Fitness Park
  • Margaret Kell Park
  • Rancho San Juan Bautista Park
  • Vieira Park
  • Waterford Park
  • William Lewis Manly Park


Nearby public transportation options include:

A pedestrian bridge and trail are planned to allow easier access to the Capitol Caltrain station (phase 3 design, phase 4 construction).[14]

Public services[edit]

Communications Hill is home to Engine House 33 of the San José Fire Department.