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The Community Cooker (Kiswahili translation on "Jiko ya Jamii") is a stove designed to produce safe, clean and cheap energy for cooking from rubbish. The Community Cooker was invented by Jim Archer, the Chairman of Planning Systems Services Ltd. (PLANNING) to address the accumulation of rubbish throughout Kibera, while providing relief to the deforestation and ground water pollution.

History and development[edit]

  • 1990: Jim Archer recognized the increasing environmental problem around Kenya
  • 2008: First Community Cooker prototype completed
  • 2010: Community Cooker passed emission test and reached EPA standard
  • November 2010: Community Cooker Foundation established

News and recognition[edit]

  • Winner of the British Expertise International Awards 2011-12 Environmental Impact Award[1]
  • CNN covered Community Cooker tuning rubbish into fuel in 2011[2]
  • Community Cooker was exhibited at the Smithsonian Cooper‐Hewitt National Design Museum "Design with the Other 90%: Cities" exhibition
  • Gemini News Service conducted in-depth report on Community Cooker in 2011[3][4]

The Community Cooker in 2012-2014[edit]

February 2012[edit]

The Community Cooker wins the WORLD DESIGN IMPACT PRIZE, sponsored by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID)

July 26, 2012[edit]

The Community Cooker is short-listed for the FT/CITI Urban Ingenuity award.

July 27, 2012[edit]

PLANNING together with the University of Nairobi's Architecture Department represented Kenya in "Running Ahead: Vitalizing Urban Areas and Communities" during the London 2012 Olympics in East Thames, 29-35 West Ham Lane, Stratford.

September 2012[edit]

Orders for 2 community cookers for Dadaab Refugee Camp from the United Nations

November 2012[edit]

Shortlist for the ICON "Most Socially Responsible Design" award.

December 2012[edit]

On December 5, in New York, the Community Cooker is adjudicated as the winner of the FT/Citi Urban Ingenuity: Ideas in Action Energy Award (with the metropolitan Government of Tokyo in second place) and also, by unanimous vote of the jury, the Community Cooker is given the Overall Global INGENUITY LEADER Award. On December 19, the Community Cooker is Short-listed for the 2013 FT ArcelorMittal "Boldness in Business" Award in their Corporate Responsibility/Environment category. To be adjudicated in March 2013.

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