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Church of the Transfiguration at the Community of Jesus

The Community of Jesus is a Christian community located near Rock Harbor,[1] in Orleans, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. The Community was founded in 1970 by Cay Andersen and Judy Sorensen. Controversy surrounded these two women for much of the 1990s.[2][3] The Church of the Transfiguration is the center of Community of Jesus – an ecumenical Benedictine monastic community located at Rock Harbor, Orleans, on the shores of Cape Cod Bay. Worship services include Holy Eucharist, Choral Evensong, Advent Lessons and Carols,[4] and Liturgy of the Hours (sung in Gregorian chant).[5] The Community of Jesus founded and administers the Mount Tabor Ecumenical Centre For Art & Spirituality located in Barga, Italy. Paraclete Press is the publishing house of the Community of Jesus.

Community of Jesus - A Controversial History[edit]

The history of the community of Jesus is not without its share of controversy. In 1991 the Community was discussed in a book titled Churches That Abuse by Ronald Enroth. In this book Enroth shares claims by former Community members of emotional, spiritual, and even physical abuse.[6]

Church of the Tranfiguration[edit]

The Church of the Transfiguration is a contemporary expression of an ancient 4th century basilica[7] style of architecture, filled with hand-crafted mosaic[8] and fresco images, sculpted bronze, glass, and stone artwork.[9]

The Church of the Transfiguration organ is a restoration and expansion by Nelson Barden & Associates[10] of pipework from seventeen organs built by the Ernest M. Skinner Organ Company in the early 20th century.[11]


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