Compaq C-Series

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Compaq C-Series
Manufacturer Compaq
Series Handheld PC
Availability by country 1998
Predecessor Compaq Aero
Successor iPAQ
Related HP Jornada
Compaq Aero
Dimensions 3.4 x 18.6 x 10 cm (810c)
4.1 x 18.6 x 10 cm (2010c)
Weight 395g(810c)
Operating system Windows CE
CPU 75 MHz RISC MIPS processor
Memory 16 MB ROM
8 MB RAM (810c)
20 MB RAM (2010c)
Removable storage PCMCIA
Data inputs Resistive touchscreen
Display 640 x 240 resolution, 256 colours
Connectivity IrDA, 33.6 kbps Modem

The Compaq C-series was a series of Handheld PCs running on Windows CE 2.0,[1] manufactured by Compaq from 1998.[2]


The C-Series replaced the Aero line of handheld PCs. It was succeeded, as with other HPCs manufactured by Compaq and HP, by the iPAQ line of Pocket PCs.

The C-series featured an integrated 33.6kbit/s modem.[1] For wireless data transfer, it sported an IrDA port.

An upgrade to Windows CE 2.11 could be purchased from Compaq for US $109.[3]

Targus Inc. manufactured a leather portfolio case for the C-series, under the Compaq brand.[4]

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