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Computational and Systems Neuroscience (COSYNE or CoSyNe) is an annual scientific conference for the exchange of experimental and theoretical/computational approaches to problems in systems neuroscience. It is an important meeting for computational neuroscientists where many levels of approaches are discussed.[1] It is a single track-meeting with oral and poster sessions and attracts about 800-900 participants from a variety of disciplines, including neuroscience, computer science and machine learning. Until 2018, the 3-day long main meeting was held in Salt Lake City, followed by two days of workshops at Snowbird, Utah. In 2018, COSYNE moved to Denver (3 days) and Breckenridge (2 days).


COSYNE grew out of the Neural Information and Coding (NIC) meetings founded by Anthony Zador in 1996.[2][3] The first COSYNE was organized in 2004 by Michael Shadlen, Alexander Pouget, Carlos Brody and Anthony Zador.[4] The current Executive Committee consists of Alexander Pouget, Zachary Mainen, Stephanie Palmer and Anthony Zador.


Year Location General Chair(s) Program Chair(s) Workshop Chair(s) Publicity/Communication Chair Undergraduate Travel Chair(s) Abstracts
2017 Salt Lake City Megan Carey, Emilio Salinas Ilana Witten, Eric Shea-Brown Laura Busse, Alfonso Renart Il Memming Park Angela Langdon, Robert Wilson
2016 Salt Lake City Maria Geffen, Konrad Körding Megan Carey, Emilio Salinas Claudia Clopath, Alfonso Renart Xaq Pitkow Jill O'Reilly, Robert Wilson
2015 Salt Lake City Michael Long, Stephanie Palmer Maria Geffen, Konrad Körding Robert Froemke, Claudia Clopath Xaq Pitkow
2014 Salt Lake City Marlene Cohen, Peter Latham Michael Long, Stephanie Palmer Robert Froemke, Tatyana Sharpee Eugenia Chiappe
2013 Salt Lake City Nicole Rust, Jonathan Pillow Marlene Cohen, Peter Latham Jessica Cardin, Tatyana Sharpee Kanaka Rajan
2012 Salt Lake City James DiCarlo, Rachel Wilson Nicole Rust, Jonathan Pillow Brent Doiron, Jess Cardin Mark Histed
2011 Salt Lake City Anne Churchland, Bartlett Mel James DiCarlo, Rachel Wilson Mark Laubach, Brent Doiron Ila Fiete Nature precedings
2010 Salt Lake City Maneesh Sahani Anne Churchland, Bartlett Mel Adam Kohn, Mark Laubach Byron Yu Frontiers
2009 Salt Lake City Matteo Carandini Maneesh Sahani Adam Kohn, Alex Huk Alex Wade Frontiers
2008 Salt Lake City Eero Simoncelli Matteo Carandini Fritz Sommer, Jascha Sohl-Dickstein Alex Wade
2007 Salt Lake City Zach Mainen Eero Simoncelli Fritz Sommer
2006 Salt Lake City

Carlos Brody, Zach Mainen, Alex Pouget, Michael Shadlen, Tony Zador

Loren Frank, Michael Hausser, Adam Kepecs, Zach Mainen, Stefan Treue, Flip Sabes, Eero Simoncelli

2005 Salt Lake City

Carlos Brody, Alex Pouget, Michael Shadlen, Tony Zador

Pam Reinagel, Philip Sabes, Zach Mainen, Eero Simoncelli, Stefan Treue
2004 CSHL

Carlos Brody, Alex Pouget, Michael Shadlen, Tony Zador

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