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Computer Graphics International (CGI) is one of the oldest annual international conferences on computer graphics. It is organized by the Computer Graphics Society (CGS). Researchers across the whole world are invited to share their experiences and novel achievements in various fields - like computer graphics and human-computer interaction. Former conferences have been held recently in Ottawa, Canada, Bournemouth, England and Hannover, Germany.


Starting in the year of 2013, CGI will give a Best Paper Award and a Career Achievement Award.


Conference Location Year Country
CGI’2016 Crete 2016 Greece
CGI’2015 Strasbourg 2015 France
CGI’2014 Sydney 2014 Australia
CGI’2013 Hannover 2013 Germany
CGI’2012 Bournemouth 2012 UK
CGI’2011 Ottawa 2011 Canada
CGI’2010 Singapore 2010 Singapore
CGI’2009 Victoria 2009 Canada
CGI’2008 Istanbul 2008 Turkey
CGI’2007 Petropolis 2007 Brazi
CGI’2006 Hangzhou 2006 China
CGI’2005 Stony Brook 2005 USA
CGI’2004 Heraklion 2004 Greece
CGI’2003 Tokyo 2003 Japan
CGI’2002 Bradford 2002 UK
CGI’2001 Hong Kong 2001 Hong Kong
CGI’2000 Geneva 2000 Switzerland
CGI’1999 Canmore 1999 Canada
CGI’1998 Hannover 1998 Germany
CGI’1997 Hasselt 1997 Belgium
CGI’1996 Pohang 1996 Korea
CGI’1995 Leeds 1995 UK
CGI’1994 Melbourne 1994 Australia
CGI’1993 Lausanne 1993 Switzerland
CGI’1992 Tokyo 1992 Japan
CGI’1991 Boston 1991 USA
CGI’1990 Singapore 1990 Singapore
CGI’1989 Leeds 1989 UK
CGI’1988 Geneva 1988 Switzerland
CGI’1987 Karuizawa 1987 Japan
CGI’1986 Tokyo 1986 Japan
CGI’1985 Tokyo 1985 Japan
CGI’1984 Tokyo 1984 Japan
CGI’1983 Tokyo 1983 Japan


CGI’2015 CGI’2014 CGI’2013 CGI’2012 CGI’2011 CGI’2010 CGI’2009 CGI’2008 CGI’2007 CGI’2006 CGI’2005 CGI’2004 CGI’2003 CGI’2002 CGI’2001 CGI’2000 CGI’1999 CGI’1998 CGI’1997 CGI’1996 CGI’1995 CGI’1994 CGI’1993 CGI’1992 CGI’1991 CGI’1990 CGI’1989 CGI’1988 CGI’1987 CGI’1986 CGI’1985 CGI’1984 CGI’1983

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