Comunidad Israelita del Uruguay, Montevideo

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Sinagoga de la Comunidad Israelita del Uruguay
Basic information
Location Uruguay Montevideo, Uruguay
Affiliation Judaism
Year consecrated 1981
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Active

The Synagogue of the Uruguayan Jewish Community (Spanish: Sinagoga de la Comunidad Israelita del Uruguay) is a synagogue in Montevideo, Uruguay.[1] The services are conducted by Chief Rabbi Ben-Tzion Spitz. [2]


The Ashkenazy Jewish Community is present in Montevideo since the first decades of the 20th century. This temple opened its doors in 1981.[3]

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  • María Emilia Pérez Santarcieri. "Templo de la Kehilá" (PDF). Jewish Montevideo. p. 4. Retrieved 2013-04-19.  (in Spanish)