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Concession may refer to:


  • Concession (contract) (sometimes called a concession agreement), a contractual right to carry on a certain kind of business or activity in an area, such as to explore or develop its natural resources or to operate a "concession stand" within a venue
  • Concession stand, a temporary or permanent booth that sells snacks or fast food, typically found in movie theaters, amusement parks, fairs, public swimming pools, or festivals
  • Concessions and leases in international relations, territories in one state given to another state
  • Concession (politics), failure to challenge or cessation of challenging, as in "conceding an election" or "conceding a game"
  • A step taken during negotiation whereby one party offers up something of value to them in order to work towards an agreement
  • Concessional loan, a loan with below-market terms
  • Concession road, a grid-based road system in Ontario and Quebec
  • Concession, a figure of speech also known as synchoresis
  • Concession (contract bridge), in contract bridge, a statement by a player as to the number of remaining tricks that he must lose
  • Concession, a discounted price offered to certain classes of people, such as students or the elderly