Condemned (1984 film)

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Official movie poster
Directed by Mario O'Hara
Produced by Nora Aunor...executive producer
Bibsy Carballo...line producer
Screenplay by Mario O'Hara, Jose Javier Reyes, Frank Rivera
Starring Nora Aunor
Dan Alvaro
Gloria Romero
Music by William Yusi
Cinematography Johnny Araojo
Edited by Efren Jarlego
Distributed by NCV Productions
Release date
October 19, 1984
Country The Philippines
Language Filipino

Condemned, a 1984 Filipino film, depicts the cruelty of big-city life, with a focus on Manila. The plot centers on the corruption of society and abuses of power. The film was directed by Mario O'Hara, and the screenplay was written by Jose Javier Reyes and Frank Rivera. The film received an "A" review from the Film Ratings Board.


Yolly (Nora Aunor), a flower vendor, her brother Efren (Dan Alvaro), a driver and hired gun for a ruthless gangster, and Connie (Gloria Romero) live a bleak existence in the underbelly of the fashionable tourist district of Manila. Escaping from a violent past, the siblings' world collides with Connie's gang. Complicating matters is the case of "Boy Rosas" (The Rose Boy), a serial killer whose trademark is to leave roses on the bodies of those he murders. Connie's son Dennis (Toby Alejar) becomes the prime suspect after Yolly sees him stabbing his girlfriend.


Critical reception[edit]

  • "The film is not only a Filipino film but a fine one in practically every respect, starting with the gripping screenplay which comes to life under the adroit direction of Mario O'Hara. It is a flawed jewel but a finely polished one nonetheless. It is a refreshing departure from the predictable and the prosaic elements that one encounters in many, if not most, Filipino films. For the most part, it veers away from the cloying melodramatic acting coaxed from our Filipino actors."[1] - Film Ratings Board, 1984
  • "Condemned is a rich brew of sudden violence, baroque cruelty, and sardonic dark humor."[2] - Noel Vera, film critic


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