Confessions of an Advertising Man

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Confessions of an Advertising Man
Confessions of an Advertising Man.jpg
AuthorDavid Ogilvy
Publication date
August 1963

Confessions of an Advertising Man is a 1963 book by David Ogilvy. It is considered required reading in many advertising classes in the United States. Ogilvy was partly an advertising copywriter, and the book is written as though the entire book was advertising copy. It contains eleven sections:

  1. How to Manage an Advertising Agency
  2. How to Get Clients
  3. How to Keep Clients
  4. How to be a Good Client
  5. How to Build Great Campaigns
  6. How to Write Potent Copy
  7. How to Illustrate Advertisements and Posters
  8. How to Make Good Television Commercials
  9. How to Make Good Campaigns for Food Products, Tourist Destinations and Proprietary Medicines
  10. How to Rise to the Top of the Tree
  11. Should Advertising Be Abolished?

In August 1963, 5000 copies of the book were printed. By 2008, more than 1,000,000 copies had been printed.[citation needed]