Congo River, Beyond Darkness

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Congo River, beyond darkness
Congo river petit 2.jpg
Directed by Thierry Michel
Written by Thierry Michel
Music by Lokua Kanza
Release date
2005 (2005)
Country Belgium
Language French

Congo River, beyond darkness is a 2005 film by Thierry Michel examining the Congo River in Africa.


The film takes us from the mouth to the source of the second largest river basin in the world, that of the Congo River (the largest is the Amazon). All along its 4371 km, we discover places that have seen the turbulent history of this country, while archives remind us of the mythological figures that created its destiny: explorers such as Livingstone and Stanley, the colonial kings Léopold II and Baudouin I and leaders such as Lumumba, Mobutu and Kabila.

Technical data[edit]

The collector's edition DVD of "Congo River" (2 DVD) with:

  • The making of (52 min.)
  • Interview of Thierry Michel
  • Trailer
  • Versions: French and English with subtitles in French, Dutch, German and English

The DVD of "Congo River" with:

  • Versions: French and English with subtitles in French, Dutch, English and German

The serial:

  • Number: 3 episodes
  • Length: 2h30
  • Versions: French and English

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