Coniston (Northern Territory)

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Coordinates: 22°02′35″S 132°29′28″E / 22.043°S 132.491°E / -22.043; 132.491

Coniston Station is located in Northern Territory
Coniston Station
Coniston Station
Location in Northern Territory
Laden vehicle near Coniston Station, c. 1935

Coniston, Northern Territory, Australia is a cattle station in central Australia.

Coniston is best known as the site of the Coniston massacre, which was the last known massacre of Indigenous Australians, in August 1928. Owing to a severe drought, the original owners (the aborigines) gravitated towards their ancient water sources, which the pastoralists were using for their livestock. Conflicts soon arose.[1]

Coniston is still a working cattle station, and has been featured by the Northern Territory government for its introduction of a 6.4 kW solar power station. Developed in 1923 by Randall Stafford[2] because of a sustainable water supply, the station still thrives today.

Last year, (2014) Max Lines, found himself bedbound. Together with his wife Jacqui, Max has owned and managed Coniston Station,[3] about 250 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs, for more than three decades.

With the help of her family and loyal staff, Jacqui is continuing to run the property.

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