Connecticut's 25th Senate district

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The Twenty-Fifth Senate District of Connecticut elects one member of the Connecticut Senate. The district consists of all of Norwalk and part of Darien. Its current Senator is Democrat Bob Duff.

List of representatives[edit]

Prior to 1905, the area in the 25th district was represented by the 12th District.

Senator Party Years District home Note
Stiles Judson Republican 1905–1909 Stratford Served as President Pro Tempore of the Senate
Daniel Brinsmade Republican 1909–1911 Shelton
Stiles Judson Republican 1911–1913 Stratford
John Hoyt Perry Republican 1913–1915 Southport
Frederick M. Salmon Republican 1915–1919 Westport
John B. Dillon Republican 1919–1921 Shelton
Elmore Banks Republican 1921–1923 Fairfield
Charles E. Wheeler Republican 1927–1929 Stratford
Albert E. Lavery Republican 1929–1933 Fairfield Served as President Pro Tempore
Charles E. Wheeler Republican 1939–1940 Stratford
William E. Sheehy Republican 1945–1946 Shelton
Jacob Rudolf Republican 1967–1973 Norwalk
William J. Lyons, Jr. Republican 1973–1975 Norwalk
Louis Ciccarello Democratic 1975–1977 Norwalk
Alfred Santaniello, Jr. Republican 1977–1983 Norwalk ran for judge
Andrew J. Santaniello, Jr. Republican 1983–1986 Norwalk died in office, causing a special election
Joseph Santo Republican 1986–1987 Norwalk lost to Atkin in general election in November
John Atkin Democratic 1987–1991 Norwalk
Robert Genuario Republican 1991–2005 Norwalk
Bob Duff Democratic 2005–present Norwalk

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