Connors, New Brunswick

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Connors is located in New Brunswick
Location of Connors in New Brunswick

Coordinates: 47°12′00″N 68°49′59″W / 47.200°N 68.833°W / 47.200; -68.833

Connors is a community in Madawaska County on Route 205. It borders the Saint John River to the south. Connors is in "the panhandle" just where NB, Québec, and Maine all come together, near the Saint John River which forms the boundary of Canada and USA at this location. In the phone listings, it is under LAC BAKER phone exchange (992- numbers).

Most people are French speaking. Many Irish and other ethnic groups settled in this heavily forested area in the 19th century, along with folks from nearby Québec. Since the Irish were Catholic like the French speakers, there was a great deal of inter-marriage. Today, you would find many people with Irish and Scottish surnames who are entirely French-speaking here, while others with French surnames speak only English. Connors is a place where people made their living from forestry rather than farming. This whole area is quite remote from major population centres, and is now having major economic problems because there is no other livelihood except logging and sawmills. Many of the younger people on both sides of the border have been leaving for better job prospects in bigger cities (Bangor or Portland, ME or Montréal and Québec City, or Fredericton and Saint John, NB and sometimes even Halifax in Nova Scotia).


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