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The Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA) was established in Sri Lanka in April 1997 to serve a membership and has since become a national service provider in the non-profit sector. CHA's field offices are located in 12 districts in the North, South and East in Sri Lanka. In addition its post-tsunami information management centres are located in all affected districts of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.[1]

General profile[edit]

CHA represents the resources and work of the humanitarian sector in Sri Lanka. CHA's membership supports and intervenes in the sector across all parts of the country.[1]

CHA is served by a Staff of 153 including professionals with managerial and representational authority, headed by an Executive Director.[1]

Main objectives[edit]

  • 1. Advocate for peace, human rights and development with specific focus on diversity, fundamental rights and freedom
  • 2. Share the Knowledge and skills particularly in the areas of information gathering, processing and dissemination
  • 3. Facilitate to network the national and international organizations and their resources
  • 4. Assist in post-Tsunami interventions.[1]


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