Constante Gomes Sodré

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Constante Gomes Sodré
President (governor) of Espirito Santo (appointed)
In office
September 9, 1890 – November 20, 1890
Preceded by José Horácio Costa
Succeeded by Henrique da Silva Coutinho
President (governor) of Espirito Santo (elected by the people)
In office
September 23, 1897 – January 6, 1898
Preceded by Graciano dos Santos Neves
Succeeded by José Marcelino Pessoa de Vasconcellos

Constante Gomes Sodré was the third president (governor) of the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo. He was appointed for the function by the President of Brazil, Marshall Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca, and governed the state from September 9, 1890 to November 20, 1890.

He was elected vice-president (vice-governor) of the state in 1896, and due to the resign of the governor Graciano dos Santos Neves on September 23, 1897, Sodré occupied again the office as governor from until January 6, 1898, when a new governor, José Marcelino Pessoa de Vasconcellos, elected by the people to finish the 1896-1900 term, took the charge.