List of constituencies of the National Parliament of the Solomon Islands

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There are 50 constituencies in Solomon Islands, each electing one Member of Parliament (MP) to the National Parliament.[1] Elections are held every four years; the most recent took place on 19 November 2014.[2]

Constituencies and MPs as of 2006[edit]

The following is the list of constituencies such as it was at the time of the 2006 general election, and the MP elected in each constituency.[3][4][5]

Constituency Electorate Province MP (party) Notes
Aoke-Langalanga 7,365 Malaita Matthew Cooper Wale (SIDP) Elected in bye-election, 27 March 2008
Baegu-Asifola 7,016 Malaita Toswell Kaua (PRA) Minister for Justice and Legal Affairs
Central Guadalcanal 5,089 Guadalcanal Peter Shanel Agovaka (Independent)
Central Honiara 19,539 Honiara City Council Nelson Ne'e (Independent)
Central Kwara'ae 8,977 Malaita Fred Fono (PAP) Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Rural Development and Indigenous Affairs
Central Makira 4,722 Makira Bernard Ghiro (AIMP)
East 'Are'are 5,235 Malaita vacant, formerly held by the late Edward Huni'ehu (AIMP) Minister for Energy, Mines and Rural Electrification
East Central Guadalcanal 5,896 Guadalcanal Nollen Cornelius Leni (NP) Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources
East Choiseul 4,028 Choiseul Manasseh Sogavare (SCP) Leader of the Opposition
East Guadalcanal 6,230 Guadalcanal Johnson Koli (PAP) Minister of Health and Medical Services
East Honiara 30,049 Honiara City Council Silas Milikada (?) Elected in bye-election, 23 September 2008
East Kwaio 8,856 Malaita Stanley Festus Sofu (SIDP) Minister for Infrastructure and Development
East Makira 6,805 Makira David Sitai (PAP)
East Malaita 6,379 Malaita Manasseh Maelanga (Non-partisan/ Coalition for National Unity Reconciliation and Rural Advancement)
Fataleka 6,586 Malaita Steve William Abana (SIDP) Minister for Development Planning and Aid Coordination
Gao-Bugotu Isabel
Gizo-Kolombangara Western Gordon Darcy Lilo (PRA)
Hograno-Kia-Havulei Isabel
Lau Mbaelelea Malaita
Malaita Outer Islands Malaita Patrick Vahoe
Maringe-Kokota Isabel
Marovo Western Snyder Rini (AIMP)
Nggella Central Province Mark Kemakeza
North East Guadalcanal Guadalcanal
North Guadalcanal Guadalcanal
North Malaita Malaita
North New Georgia Western Job Dudley Tausinga
North Vella La Vella Western Milner Tozaka
North West Choiseul Choiseul Clement Kengava
North West Guadalcanal Guadalcanal
Rannogga-Simbo Western Francis Billy Hilly (NP)
Rennell Bellona Rennell Bellona Seth Gukuna (?)
Savo-Russells Central Province vacant (formerly held by Allan Kemakeza)
Shortlands Western Augustine Taneko
South Choiseul Choiseul Leslie Boseto
South Guadalcanal Guadalcanal
Small Malaita Malaita William Haomae
South New Georgia-Rendova-Tetepare Western Francis Zama
South Vella La Vella Western Trevor Olavae
Temotu Nende Temotu Patteson Oti (OUR party)
Temotu Pele Temotu Martin Magga
Temotu Vatud Temotu Clay Forau Soalaoi
Ugi-Ulawa Makira James Tora
West 'Are'are Malaita
West Guadalcanal Guadalcanal Laurie Chan
West Honiara Honiara City Council Isaac Inoke
West Kwaio Malaita Peter Tom
West Kwara'ae Malaita Sam Iduri
West Makira Makira Japhet Waipora (OUR party)
West New Georgia - Vona Vona Western Province Peter Boyers


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