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Founded in 1960 and published by Consumers Digest Communications, LLC, Consumers Digest ISSN 0010-7182 is an American magazine.

The magazine has no subscribers and does not test the products they select as 'Best Buys'. Instead, companies pay Consumers Digest for the right to promote their products as 'Best Buys'. They rely on consumer confusion of their name with the well-known Consumer Reports magazine, published by the nonprofit organization Consumers Union.[1][2][3] Consumers Digest Communications is a privately owned, for-profit business entity.[4]


The magazine is sold at newsstands only and does not reveal its sales figures.[5] In 2001, when it ceased subscription distribution, it listed 700,000 subscribers (the list was sold to Time, Inc.).[6] The publication has no connection with the Consumer Reports magazine or with Consumers Digest Weekly. It is possible to subscribe to the on-line edition of Consumers Digest.[7]


Consumers Digest has a history of not paying its contributors. In an October 30, 2017, article published by Talking Biz News (TBN), it was reported that at least three journalists were suing the company run by publisher Randy Weber for nonpayment. Two other journalists also shared their attempts to collect on what was owed them.[8]


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