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I am changing the examples: replacing Thermospas as the first example for Cal Spas. Because they are both in the field, and Cal Spas are the most recent winner of the award(2007) in the same category, I think they should be listed first. Also, because there are no other examples in this list of two companies that compete in the same market, there's no reason why this should be the case for spas.

Removed not verified notice[edit]

I have removed the "needs citations" notice since the article now has sufficient citations for its content. I spent an hour or two verifying and extending the content, all of which I verified at multiple online sources. David spector (talk) 03:41, 28 November 2009 (UTC)

As a former employee, I would like everyone to know about the "scamagazine" out there called Consumers Digest.

This magazine attempts to ride on the legitamite publication, Consumer Reports, coattails. A lot of people mistake the two due to the similar name. Quite a shame, since CD is nothing but a scam for businesses and consumers alike.

Here's how the scam works: The "publisher," a Randy Weber, and the "editor," one Richard Dzierwa, continually read and watch the mainstream media to see what products are "hot"--and which products are getting a good reputation for quality (for instance, the Dyson brand of vacuum cleaners). They then have an in-house or freelance writer write a scam "comparison" of products, say vacuum cleaners, in which Dyson wins the "comparison." They try to pick their winners by two main goals:

1) Is the company big enough, or far enough away, to not check our "scamagazine's" (non-existant) credentials?

2) Is the company large enough to have advertising capitalization?

If the answer to both is "yes" then CD just found the winner of their comparison!!! The "winner" is not based on tests, real-world performance, or anything non-phony.

On to the next step: the "winner"company is notified by mail that they have won the prestigious Consumers Digest "Best Buy" award, only awarded to a select few companies...EVER!! The "scamagazine" then negotiates with the company about using the CD "Best Buy" logo (which, the "winning company" still doesn't know, is actually a bogus award and is worth NOTHING). Randy Weber, the prestigious PUBLISHER of the mag then steps in and tries to inject an air of importance to the victim company's ad department--telling them that for, say, $65,000 per month, they can use the "much-honored" Best Buy logo on television! Print use prices are slightly less.

Consumers Digest has NO "subscribers," NO "circulation," and is made up of three key employees...Randy Weber, his sister Lori (the "Art Director") and Mr. Dzierwa, the golden-tounged "Editor." CD does, for legal reasons, have a press run of 20-30,000 "issues"--most of which are thrown away but a few are distributed to the Chicago public through Barnes and Noble.

This magazine is a scam for the readers (because the "reviews" are all totally phony) and an even BIGGER scam for the companies that win "awards" from the mag. R. Weber and family have been successfully running this scam for over 20 years now. Watch TV closely; many "large brand" manufacturers have been scammed by CD and put the fact that they won a "Best Buy" award. Suzuki, Dyson, TempurPedic--they are all victims of this scam. They know better now. Caveat Emptor, people! — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 13:59, 18 September 2013 (UTC)