Continental Aircraft Corporation

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Continental Aircraft Corporation
Successor Remington-Burnelli Aircraft Corp 1924
Founded 1916
Headquarters Amityville, New York
Products Military aircraft

Continental Aircraft Corporation was an American aircraft manufacturer based in Amityville, New York. The company also maintained offices at 120 Liberty Street, in New York. Continental's chief engineer was Vincent Burnelli, a future advocate of lifting body aircraft.[1][2]

The company built the Christmas Bullet scout aircraft for the Cantilever Aero Company. Both prototypes suffered structural failure of their thin cantilevered wings, killing test pilots Cuthbert Mills and Allington Jolly.[3]


Summary of aircraft built by Continental Aircraft
Model name First flight Number built Type Note
Continental KB-1 1918 1 Observer
Continental KB-3 1918 1 Observer
Christmas Bullet 1918 2 Scout built for the Cantilever Aero Company


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