Continental Classics

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Continental Classics is a series of books.


Volume I

Taras Bulba: A Tale of the Cossacks by Nicolai V. Gogol translated by Isabel F. Hapgood

Volume II

Sebastopol by Leo Tolstoy

Volume III

The Crushed Flower and Other Stories, by Leonid Andreev translated by Herman Bernstein.[1]

Volume IV

The Career of a Nihilist by S. Stepniak [pseud.]

Volume V

Parisian points of view by Ludovic Halevy translated by Edith V. B. Matthews, with an introduction by Brander Matthews.[2]

Volume VI

The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard (Member of the Institute) by Anatole France, translation and introduction by Lafcadio Hearn.[3]

Volume VII & Volume VIII

For the Right by Karl Emil Franzos translated by Julie Sutter. Preface by George MacDonald.

Volume IX

Black Diamonds by Maurus Jokai translated by Frances A. Gerard.[4]

Volume X

Dame Care (Frau Sorge) by Hermann Sudermann tr. from the German by Bertha Overbeck.

Volume XI

The New god, A Tale Of The Early Christians by Richard Voss

Volume XII and XIII

Debit and Credit by Gustav Freytag, translated from German by L. C. C., with a preface by Christian Charles Josias Bunsen.[5][6]

Volume XIV

Spanish, Italian and Oriental tales, including stories by I. M. Palmarini, Camillo Boito, Antonio Fogazzaro and Pedra de Alarcon.[7]

Volume XV

Modern Ghosts, with introduction by George William Curtis.[8]

Volume XVI

The house by the medlar-tree by Giovanni Verga translated by Mary A. Craig with an introduction by W. D. Howells.[9][10][1]

Volume XVII

The battle of Waterloo and other stories, by Alexander Kielland, translated from Norwegian by William Archer, with an introduction by H. H. Boyesen. Includes:[11][12]

  • Pharoh
  • The Parsonage
  • The Peat Moor
  • "Hope's clad in April green"
  • At the fair
  • Two friends
  • A good conscience
  • Romance and Reality
  • Withered leaves
  • The battle of Waterloo
Volume XVIII

Mystery tales, reprint of The Lock and Key Library: North Europe Stories, by Julian Hawthorne. Includes:[13]

Volume XIX

Danish folk tales[14]

Volume XX

The wonderful adventures of Nils


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