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ContractExpress logo.png
Developer(s) Business Integrity Ltd.
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Document Automation

ContractExpress is a document automation program designed and developed by Business Integrity Ltd., a company focused on contract automation[1] based in the UK and the US. ContractExpress is available for SharePoint on-premises or in the cloud, for Salesforce, and as a stand-alone app in a private or public cloud. Users of the product are typically law firms and corporations, such as Clifford Chance and Microsoft.[2]


ContractExpress template creation is conducted entirely within a Microsoft Word interface. As a Microsoft Word App, ContractExpress Author integrates into the Microsoft Word ribbon, providing a familiar user experience for users creating templates in all ContractExpress products. The add-in provides the ease and speed of automating complex legal documents without the complexity inherent in traditional document assembly tools. Further, generated documents automatically inherit their styling from the marked-up Word document without having to apply styles to each generated document.[3] Authors create a contract template using bracket-based markups to specify conditional text and variable fields for us in their customized templates.

Once published, other users can then manipulate the document using a pre-defined questionnaire to apply client specific details and preferences. Accordingly, the need for programming skills is removed; a basic knowledge of document mark-up is all that is required.[4] It is notable that the field control used is derived from the conventions of traditional legal document mark-up, for example use of square brackets to indicate areas for document specific information.[5]

The most recent version of the software is version 5.x, released in 2015. It includes significant updates to the user interface and customer extranet features, as well as improved compatibility with tablets and smartphones.

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