Control and Resistance

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Control and Resistance
Studio album by Watchtower
Released 1989
Recorded August 1989
Genre Progressive metal, thrash metal, jazz fusion
Length 43:15
Label Noise
Watchtower chronology
Energetic Disassembly
Control and Resistance
Demonstrations In Chaos

Control and Resistance is the second album by progressive metal band Watchtower, released in 1989.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[1]

Control and Resistance was hailed by Guitar World magazine as one of "The Top Ten Shred Albums of the 80's" in a retrospective feature, "Sounding like the twisted scion of Metallica and the Mahavishnu Orchestra, WatchTower was the most brilliant weird band of its time. Guitarist Ron Jarzombek, with his complex harmony solos, strange scales and furious staccato lead bursts, performs tricks on his guitar that will leave you more than sufficiently breathless."

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Instruments of Random Murder" – 4:06
  2. "The Eldritch" – 3:17
  3. "Mayday in Kiev" – 5:48
  4. "The Fall of Reason" – 8:01
  5. "Control and Resistance" – 6:58
  6. "Hidden Instincts" – 3:51
  7. "Life Cycles" – 6:48
  8. "Dangerous Toy" – 4:20

tracks 1, 2, 4 & 5 written by Doug Keyser
tracks 3, 6, 7 & 8 written by Doug Keyser and Ron Jarzombek


  • The vinyl and compact disc versions of the album each feature distinctly different front cover artwork.
  • "Instruments of Random Murder" and "The Eldritch" were previously demoed in early 1987 at Cedar Creek Studios in Austin, TX. It was the first ever recording with Ron Jarzombek on guitar.
  • "The Fall of Reason" and "Hidden Instincts" were previously demoed by the band on a 4-track recorder in the fall of 1987.
  • Both 1987 demos are contained on the 2002 archives release Demonstrations In Chaos.
  • The original working title for "Hidden Instincts" was "Plastic Lasagna".
  • "Dangerous Toy" was previously recorded with Mike Soliz on vocals for the 1989 "Doomsday News 2" compilation.