Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions

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Macolin Convention
Long name:
  • Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions
Drafted9 July 2014
Signed18 September 2014
LocationMacolin, Switzerland
Effective1 September 2019
Condition5 ratifications of which 3 from Council of Europe members
DepositarySecretary General of the Council of Europe
LanguagesEnglish and French

The Council of Europe Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions, better known as the Macolin Convention, is a multilateral treaty that aims to prevent, detect, and punish match fixing in sport. The convention was concluded in Macolin/Magglingen, Switzerland, on 18 September 2014. At its conclusion, it was immediately signed by 15 states of the Council of Europe; it is open to ratification of Council of Europe states and other states that were involved in its negotiation. The treaty will enter into force after being ratified by five states, three of which must be Council of Europe states.

A major focus of the convention is to prevent and punish illegal sports betting operations and to prevent conflicts of interest in legal sports betting operators and sports organisations.

As of July 2016, the convention has been signed by 27 states and ratified by Norway and Portugal.

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