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Cooey Model 84/840
Type Shotgun
Place of origin Canada
Production history
Designer Hubert Joseph Cooey
Designed 1947
Manufacturer H. W. Cooey Machine & Arms Company, later Winchester Arms Company.
Unit cost CDN $50-$150
Produced 1948-1966 (84),1967-1979 (840)
No. built

~ 1,900,000 (Cooey 84/840) 221,578 (Winchester 370)

395,168 (Winchester 37A)
Variants Cooey model 84,840, Winchester Model 370 & 37A
Length 44.5" (28" barrel)
Barrel length 26" 28" 30" and 32", 34", 36" (rare) barrel's

Cartridge 12, 16, 20, 28 gauge, .410 bore (2 3/4" or 3" chamber)
Barrels 1
Action single shot, break action
Rate of fire Single shot
Muzzle velocity depends on cartridge
Effective firing range depends on cartridge
Maximum firing range depends on cartridge
Sights Iron (front bead only)

The Cooey 84 is a shotgun manufactured by the H. W. Cooey Machine & Arms Company in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada (later acquired by the Winchester Arms Company). The shotgun was sold as model number 84 until 1967, and (following acquisition by Winchester) as model number 840. The gun ceased to be produced in 1979. Today, the 84/840 is considered a collector's item to certain people who collect the Canadian-made firearms.


The Cooey model 84 which was renamed the model 840 in 1967 after Winchester Arms purchased the factory was the first shotgun designed and manufactured by the H. W. Cooey Machine & Arms Company in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.

The Cooey model 84/840 [shotguns] that were manufactured before 1961 are stamped "H. W. Cooey Machine & Arms Company" on the right side of the action and the guns made after the purchase from Winchester of Cooey are stamped "Winchester-Western (Canada) Limited." on the right side of the receiver. Written records of serial numbers are not generally available. Some have suggested that Cooey did not use serial numbers, but many pre-1961 model 84s are stamped with serial numbers on the receiver, barrel (under the fore stock) and under the butt plate/shoulder stock. Dating the serial numbers remains a challenge for Cooey gun collectors.

The model 84/840 were chambered in most common shotgun shells including 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, and .410 bore. A new shooter/owner of a Cooey model 84/840 should get the chamber measured for the proper size of shot shell by a professional gunsmith since most of the older 84 series guns were chambered for 2 3/4" shot shells (except .410 bores), while the 840 series was chambered for the larger and more powerful 3" shot shells.

These shotguns commonly had 26", 28" and 30" barrels on them but many other lengths are available, including the rare 32", 34", and 36" barrels. With the 28" barrel the overall length is 44.5" long. the most common choke in an original barrel was full choke, which is great for any purpose when a tight pattern is needed.


There were not many documents kept on the production history of Cooey firearms, but the Cooey 84 single shot shotgun was introduced in 1948-1967, then 1967-1979 as the model 840 after the Winchester Arms Company purchased Cooey. It is estimated that there were approximately 1,900,000 Cooey model 84/840's made, approximately 221,578 Winchester model 370 (Winchester's upgraded model of the 84) and 395,168 Winchester 37A.

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