Copa Sudamericana (trophy)

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Trofeo de la Copa Sudamericana (in Spanish)
Troféu da Copa Sulamericana (in Portuguese)
Awarded for Winning the Copa Sudamericana
Presented by CONMEBOL
First awarded 2002
Currently held by Brazil Chapecoense (trophy)

The Copa Sudamericana is a trophy awarded annually by CONMEBOL to the football club that wins the Copa Sudamericana; the competition shares its name with the trophy.[1]

The regulations for the Copa Sudamericana trophy follows very closely those of the Copa Libertadores trophy. Copa Sudamericana winners keep the real trophy in their possession. It remains so until the draw and seeding of the next Copa Sudamericana begins. Before the proceedings happen, the club president of the defending champion will return the trophy to the president of CONMEBOL and a replica trophy is awarded to the winning club. Winning clubs are also permitted to make exact replicas of their own. As well as winning the right to keep the trophy until the start of the next tournament, the winner gets to have a metal badge of silver placed on the pedestal of the trophy. The badge has the name of the winner and the year of the triumph. At the top of the cup, there is a silver ball with light-silver stars and pentagons. In the middle, the CONMEBOL logo is held together by two hoists, while the phrase "COPA SUDAMERICANA" can be read from the top.

The trophy carries room for a 24 badges. The badges would be placed at the top base of the pedestal one underneath another and span 8 columns. The trophy is scheduled to be filled by the 2026 edition.

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