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Coppong Daeng Rannu (born 1920 in Gowa, South Sulawesi) is a master of Makassar ethnic-group dances. She is best known as Rice Goddess in performance I La Galigo.


She began learning dance when she was 10 years old, continued her family’s dancing-tradition. She was moved to become a dancer by her mother's words, “if you don’t learn to dance, then there are no one in our family who could carry on our dancing-generation.” She learned dancing from her grandfather, Mosoa Daeng Olla, who taught her Pakarena and Salonreng. Pakarena is a dance performed in palace by 3 dancers, and salonreng is a ritual dance performed in certain events, such as in warding off misfortune ceremonies. She may be the only one who able to perform the near-extinct Salonreng.

She debuted as palace dancer of Balla Lompoa, Gowa Royal Palace. For a three-month period in 2004, she performed for I La Galigo across Singapore, Europe, US, and Australia. She is still an active dancer and teacher of her grandchildren.


  • In 1999, received award from Indonesian tourism, arts and cultural minister
  • In 2000, received award from South Sulawesi Culture Foundation
  • In 2004, received award from Robert Wilson (director) in performance of I La Galigo


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