Coral Ridge Baptist University

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Coral Ridge Baptist University
Motto I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Type Private, unaccredited, religious
Active 1985–2001
Affiliation Baptist / Christian
Academic staff
Location Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Coordinates: 30°17′29″N 81°30′16″W / 30.2915°N 81.5044°W / 30.2915; -81.5044
Mascot Patriots[1]
Website WebArchive of
Coral Ridge Baptist University merged with Freedom University and Seminary in 2001

Coral Ridge Baptist University (CRBU) was a Bible college and seminary in Florida.[2] It merged with Freedom University and Seminary in 2001.


CRBU was founded by a group of Baptist ministers[2][3][4] and non-denominational ministers, affiliated with the Liberty Baptist Fellowship, Southern Baptist Convention, Coral Ridge Christian Fellowship, the Baptist Bible Fellowship, and the World Baptist Fellowship. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, the Coral Ridge church provided all needed classrooms, offices and equipment. The school was seen as an extension of evangelistic ministry or as "the church involved in education and ministry training".[5] Training in Women's Ministries began at the school's inception.

In 1992, Don Sills opened a branch of the school near Cedar City, Utah. This branch was named George Wythe College. Graduate student Oliver DeMille and two others began teaching on-campus classes at this location on September 21, 1992.[3]

On January 1, 2002, George Wythe College became independent of CRBU.[6]

Degrees offered[edit]

In 2001 CRBU offered the following degrees, all "designed solely for ecclesiastical or ministerial and Christian education vocations".[7]


CRBU merged with Freedom University.[citation needed] CRBU is not connected with D. James Kennedy's Coral Ridge Ministries.[citation needed]

Notable alumni[edit]

Name Class year(s) Degree(s) Notability Reference
Doughty, William H.William H. Doughty Ph.D. Founder of the Meadeau View Institute and the Institute for Constitutional Education [8]
Kimber, GlennGlenn Kimber 1988 Ph.D. Founder of Kimber Academy chain of schools; Meadeau View Institute leader; son-in-law of W. Cleon Skousen [9]
DeMille, OliverOliver DeMille 1992
President of George Wythe College; author of A Thomas Jefferson Education [10]
Sills, Donald N.Donald N. Sills 1986 Ph.D. Founder of George Wythe College [11]


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