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William H. Doughty wanted to start a conservative lifestyle community, the Meadeau View Institute, in Southern Utah from 1986 to the early 1990s. He was also founder of the Institute for Constitutional Education (ICE) (a splinter group of the National Center for Constitutional Studies[citation needed]) and a founder of George Wythe College.[1] He was a close friend of Cleon Skousen. He is also mentor to Shanon Brooks[2] and Oliver DeMille, past presidents of George Wythe. In 1994, the community collapsed and contributors began legal action against Doughty in an effort to recoup their losses.[3]

In 1965, Doughty had served as president of and investment adviser to American Investment Counseling Fund, Inc., an SEC registrant.[4] He currently resides in Mammoth Valley, Utah.

He wrote the book Track II to the 21st Century and at one time issued a monthly periodical entitled "Vision".[1]


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