Coralie Lansdowne Says No

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Coralie Lansdowne Says No
Written by Alex Buzo
Date premiered 1974
Original language English
Genre comedy

Coralie Lansdowne Says No is a play by Alex Buzo about a woman's struggle for independence.[1]


Coralie is an independent woman who refuses to settle down to one man. When she stays at an ex lovers beach house, a series of visitors make her re-think her place in the world.

Production History[edit]

The play was first produced by the Nimrod Theatre in 1974 as part of the Adelaide Festival of the Arts.

1980 TV adaptation[edit]

Coralie Lansdowne Says No
Directed by Michael Carson
Produced by Alan Burke
Written by Alex Buzo
Starring Wendy Hughes
Robert Coleby
Brian Blain
David Waters
Music by Janine Chapman
Distributed by ABC
Release date
20 July 1980[2]
Running time
93 mins
Country Australia
Language English

The play was filmed by the ABC in 1980 as part of the Australian Theatre Festival.[3]

Producer Alan Burke says Buzo changed his own play significantly but was very happy with the result saying it better represented what he wanted to write.[4]



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