Big Toys

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Big Toys
Written by Patrick White
Characters Ritchie Bosanquet, a wealthy and successful lawyer
Meg Bosanquet, socialite
Terry Legge, a well-connected trade union leader based on Jack Mundey
Date premiered 27 July 1977
Place premiered Parade Theatre, Kensington, Sydney
Original language English
Subject A satire on Sydney high society
Genre satire
Setting Sydney

Big Toys is a 1977 Australian play by Patrick White. It was his first play in 14 years.

Stage Productions[edit]

The original production was by the Old Tote Theatre Company. The cast was Max Cullen, Arthur Dignam and Kate Fitzpatrick and it was directed by Jim Sharman.[1] The play was specifically written for the three lead actors.[2]

Film version[edit]

Big Toys
Directed by Chris Thomson
Produced by Alan Burke
Based on play by Patrick White
Starring Diane Cilento
John Gaden
Max Cullen
Colin Friels
Distributed by ABC
Release dates
24 August 1980
Running time
90 mins
Country Australia
Language English

It was adapted into a 1980 TV film by Patrick White. The film was part of the Australian Theatre Festival.[3][4][5]


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