Ace Junior Ace

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Ace Junior Ace
Role Sports aircraft
National origin USA
Manufacturer Ace Aircraft Manufacturing Company
Designer Orland Corben
Number built 202 (2011)[1]
Unit cost
approximately $1800 to build in 1971[2]

The Ace Junior Ace is a single-seat sports aircraft that has been offered by the Ace Aircraft Manufacturing Company in kit and plans form for home building since the early 1930s. It was designed by Orland Corben.[1]

It is a parasol wing monoplane of conventional taildragger configuration. Pilot and passenger sit side-by-side, in a cockpit that may be enclosed or left open. The fuselage is of fabric-covered tubular construction and the wings are wood. A variety of powerplants may be used, and the aircraft has a power range of 85 to 120 hp (63 to 89 kW).[1]

Pober Jr. Ace
Corben Jr Ace

Experimental Aircraft Association founder Paul Poberezny widened the fuselage of the Jr Ace, added modern wheels, brakes and increased the span to 34 ft to create the Pober Jr Ace. The company Acro Sport maintains the rights to the design, and sells plans so the aircraft can be amateur-built.[3]


Baby Ace
Single seat
Super Ace
Single seat powered by a Ford Model A Automovie engine. Plans updated by EAA founder Paul Poberezny.
Ace Junior Ace
Two seat tandem variant.
Pober Jr Ace
Updated plans of the Jr. Ace model

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